Well.... Time Flies.

We didn't mean for it to go so long. Honest! Funny how time flies....

The last couple of years have been super exciting as Crow Nouveau continues to grow and spread its wings. We've been on the road doing Renaissance Festivals and Art Fairs. We've designed a number of cool new items - Fairy Tinkler wind chimes, Magical Acorn Fairy Lanterns for your fairy garden (including some that GLOW IN THE DARK!), Oak Leaf Pendants made from pure copper, Healing/Gemstone pendants. Whew. And there's more in the pipeline that we'll share soon. We were so busy with all of it that the website got put on the back burner, and somehow a month stretched to two years.

Now we're back! We've been hearing from so many friends whom we've met on the road who want to be able to get our magical things, even when we're not at a their local fair. We're super honored at the great response, for the friends who return every year to get new shiny things, and the general love we're feeling. So we're gonna share the love, and make it so everyone can get some Crow Nouveau magic!! 

Keep checking back. Email us with any comments or questions, okay? We look forward to hearing from you!! 

Best - Sheralyn and Brian


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