Crow Nouveau's Online Store is just over the horizon....

Hello to all our Crow Nouveau friends.

We have an apology to make: we have been promising for a long time that we'd have an online store up and running. We've kept promising and have been breaking that promise. Making everything and going to the various fairs took all of our time. But still, to those we promised, our most humble and heart-felt apologies!!

But now, there is hope upon the horizon! The flights of crows augur well, the reading of the acorns indicates good things ahead. In other words, Sheralyn finally has time to sort it out and now we're close to having an online shopping portal, & just in time for the holidays!

Keep checking back this week, perhaps join the mailing list. We'll be sending out an announcement as soon as the store is set up.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with us.

Best to you all.

Sheralyn and Brian



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