Lots to share!

It's been a while. Like everyone else, we've been adjusting to the new (temporary?) normal. We were in Arizona for the Renaissance Festival there, but it cancelled before the end of the run. Good plan. And, all of our other fairs have cancelled for the year as well. But we haven't been sitting on our hands! There's news in Crow Nouveau Land.

First off: we have an online store. It's easy to find, easy to navigate. Just simply go here: Etsy

Crow Nouveau's Online Store is just over the horizon....

Hello to all our Crow Nouveau friends.

We have an apology to make: we have been promising for a long time that we'd have an online store up and running. We've kept promising and have been breaking that promise. Making everything and going to the various fairs took all of our time. But still, to those we promised, our most humble and heart-felt apologies!!

Oaks and History

Well.... Time Flies.

We didn't mean for it to go so long. Honest! Funny how time flies....

Nest Relocation Project

We are currently relocating our nest to a new site, so please check back soon to see how our puzzle solving corvid minds configure it! In the meantime, you can still view our wee acorns and place orders through our ETSY shop at

You may also contact us at for any questions or special requests!